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Soil temperature probe TO3R

Versatile, adaptable to many different reading instruments : simple ohm-meters as well as loggers

– Price (040101): 35 Euro with 5 m cable, 45 Euro with 30 m cable.
– Stainless steel SIS 2346
– Long term durablility also if placed below ground water level.
– Double thermistor with high resistance: 19 995 Ohm at 0 ºC
– Temperature range -18 — +30 ºC. After further calibration the range can be expanded.
– Resolution: More than 25 Ohm per 0.1 ºC (-25 — +25 ºC)
– Cabel of desired length: 5, 10 up to 30 m.

Simple plug in to loggers such as Campbell CR10. Two wire system.

More than 1500 probes has been sold to scientific institutions. Few complains since 1985.

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Respicond®: laboratory soil respiration instrument
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Nordgren Innovation

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Produktion av prototyper och mätutrustningar såsom Respicond
markandningsmätning och TO-3R marktemperaturgivare.

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